Are you a lover of all things organic? Do you seek out organic and other earth-caring products on your grocery runs? In celebration of #EarthMonth we are gifting $100 Grocery Gift Card AND a Reusable Earthbound Farm Tote Bag to 50 winners during the month of April!

Share a picture or video of your Earthbound Farm organic haul on Instagram or TikTok and tag @earthboundfarm and #EveryCartCounts2023 and one of the retailers where you got it!

The small choices we make every time we enter a grocery store have the potential to add up to real, positive change. When you choose organic, you support farming practices that work in harmony with nature! Want to read about more ways that you can shop for the planet? Read our blog here. Did you know that if every person used a reusable shopping bag just ONCE a week- we’d keep 16 billion bags out of landfills each year!?

Here at Earthbound Farm, we are always looking for ways to live lighter on this Earth through our organic farming practices and packaging innovations. Did you know, they recently changed their packaging to reduce 27% of plastic from their packaging? Learn about our initiatives here. Happy Earth Month!