Our Organic Roots Run Deep

The Birth of Earthbound Farm

We’ve been cultivating a healthier world through organic food and farming since 1984 when our founders, Drew & Myra Goodman, started Earthbound Farm in their 2½-acre Carmel Valley, California backyard, farming the existing heirloom raspberries organically. Their passion for growing food in harmony with nature fueled the growth of the company, establishing Earthbound Farm as one of the pioneering, heritage brands that catalyzed the accessibility of organic food.

Growing the Farm and the Movement

Joined by dedicated third-generation family farmers Stan Pura, John Romans, and Mission Ranches, Earthbound Farm grew from that tiny backyard farm to make delicious, farm fresh organic produce available from supermarkets to corner stores to kitchen tables.

Earthbound Farm Today

In April 2019, Earthbound Farm became part of independent and family-run Taylor Farms, right here in the Salinas Valley. It’s interesting to note that Earthbound Farm’s partnership with Taylor Farms spans decades. In Taylor Farms’ early days, Earthbound Farm provided Taylor Farms with prewashed packaged baby greens (like spring mix, baby spinach, baby arugula, etc.) for their foodservice customers.

Since those early days, Taylor Farms has grown to become one of the most respected fresh produce companies in the country, with 10,000 dedicated employees, each of whom cares deeply about the quality of its product. Taylor Farms is a cherished pillar of the Salinas Valley community, actively engaged in philanthropy and community activities to support the vibrancy of the community that is home to its headquarters…and to the historical legacy of the California fresh produce industry.

From our earliest days as an ‘agripreneurial’ idea and scrappy enterprise based in a backyard garden, to one of the largest organic fresh food brands today, we have continued to help make fresh and delicious organic food more accessible. Today, we are proud to be the flagship organic brand of Taylor Farms, carrying on as passionate, principled, pioneers, right here in the Salinas Valley. We’re proud to be All Organic. Always.